[From CASE Reports, Volume 12,3, 1997]


NU, UTC Solicit Energy Research Proposals

Two of Connecticut's largest corporations, Northeast Utilities (NU) and United Technologies Corporation (UTC), have issued a "Call to Action" to Connecticut colleges and universities, urging them to pursue research projects related to future electricity/energy systems needs and development. The companies, both Leading Patrons of CASE and co-sponsors of CASE's 1997 Annual Forum on "The New Energy Marketplace," have outlined the following proposal guidelines (complete proposal guidelines are available from the contacts listed below):

From Northeast Utilities:

Colleges and universities are encouraged to submit research proposals related to future electricity/energy systems needs and development focused on, but not limited to, the following areas: useful (energy) products from "waste" streams; solar photovoltaic system design improvements; distributed energy storage devices (mechanical, chemical, electrical); intelligent controls for renewable resources; and integrated operation of distributed resources on an electric distribution system.

Proposals should be limited to two pages, and include a description of what problem or area the research would address and what final product or result is envisioned. Research proposals can be submitted electronically to stillwl@nu.com or by mail to: William L. Stillinger, Director of Research, Northeast Utilities Service Company, Box 270, Hartford, CT 06141.

From United Technologies Research Center:

UTRC would like to partner with Connecticut-based colleges and universities to seek federal grants to pursue research activities in the area of alternative energy systems and components. Specific areas of interest are optimized energy efficient building controls; separation sciences including H2 separation for fuel cells, gas cleanup for natural gas, air cleaning and water transport; low-cost air quality sensors; alternate cycles for HVAC such as thermodynamic, thermoelectric or solid state; improved desiccant systems; fuel cell technology with regard to membranes, hydrogen systems and system level considerations.

Proposals should be limited to two pages. The document should describe how the idea addresses one of the issues listed above. Submitters or their affiliated institutions should not include any information which they consider proprietary until a proprietary information agreement with UTRC has been executed. Interested parties should submit material electronically to winterm@utrc.utc.com or by mail to: Dr. Michael Winter, Manager, Energy Systems, United Technologies Research Center, 411 Silver Lane, MS90, East Hartford, CT 06108

After reviewing the submitted proposals, the companies will consider providing assistance in establishing support for those projects they deem appropriate.--M. Sherman, Managing Editor

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