[From CASE Reports, Vol. 11, No. 4, 1996]

From the Academy

CASE Goes High Tech ... and On-line!

Despite some controversy about the explosion in Web sites and the questionable merit of many of those sites, CASE nevertheless has decided to take the plunge. In an effort to become more widely known and to improve our public relations (and, we might add, join a host of our fellow institutions in the process), CASE has gone ON-LINE!

Beyond the home page (which can be found at http://www.ctcase.org), viewers will find pages describing CASE, its history and organizational structure, the Technical Boards and their missions, CASE publications, and an easy-to-use order form which allows viewers to order many of the Academy's publications, including CASE Reports, on-line. In addition, we describe the recently created Connecticut Medals of Science and of Technology-and identify the first four distinguished recipients of these awards.

Still another page is devoted to Connecticut science fairs and technology expositions with which CASE is involved as sponsor or participant; specific details, including dates and locations, will be included wherever possible. Finally, the most recent articles from CASE Reports, including the popular "In Briefs" section, can be accessed from the CASE Reports page.

We hope to have up shortly a feature called "Technical Topic of the Month," which will be supplied on a monthly, rotating basis by our Technical Boards.

Finally, there is a page listing our Patrons-those Connecticut companies that provide us moral and financial support. We have provided a link to their respective home pages, where you can find them, and have asked each for a reciprocal link to our site.

Throughout the pages there are links to other institutions with which CASE has relations: for example, Connecticut Innovations Inc. (CII) and the Department of Higher Education. We are considering links with the state's colleges and universities. In some cases, individual CASE members have sites; we are considering links to them as well.

It is the nature of Web sites that they need constant revision and improvement, and we will be working at that. We would be happy to hear from anyone, particularly CASE members, with suggestions for ways to improve the site. Meanwhile, we urge all our readers to come visit us on the Web!--D.M. Wetstone, Secretary

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