[From CASE Reports, Vol. 11, No. 3, 1996]

From the Academy:

CASE Reports Enters Its Second Decade with Pride

Ten years ago this past April, the first issue of CASE Reports was published. Designed to present "the highlights of science and technology in Connecticut," the lead article of that first issue described the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station and the efforts of scientists there to unravel the mystery of Lyme disease. The remaining pages of the four-page edition were devoted to CASE public policy activities and a small piece on the Governor's Technology Advisory Board.

Major articles on AIDS, gene mapping, neuroscience, robotics, photonics and, most recently, DNA, have appeared over the years. "In Brief" was introduced to cover subjects of interest in a short, concise form; based on a 1989 survey, it has become the most popular feature of the publication. In 1989, we contacted Connecticut industrial and pharmaceutical companies asking for their input so that we could spotlight new technologies and products evolving in the state. We now feature an annual article highlighting the latest developments in these fields.

CASE Reports has grown to 12 pages, with a circulation of almost 2,000-including members of governmental, industrial and academic institutions, as well as our own Academy. We are proud to fill a niche in the technical community. Later this year, we hope to conduct an in-depth survey to assess the interests of our readers and their perception our publication. If you are receiving a copy addressed to someone who is longer the appropriate recipient, or if the mailing address is no longer correct, would you please advise the CASE office. We need to know how the current label reads, and how it should be corrected. In this way, our survey can be accurately directed to appropriate recipients.

We thank you for your interest and assistance, and welcome any comments you may have as we begin our second decade of publication.

-- Edward A. Adelberg, Editor

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