[From CASE Reports, Vol. 11, No. 2, 1996]


A Report from the CASE Public Relations Committee


Since it was formed in December 1995, the CASE Public Relations Committee has actively explored means of increasing awareness of CASE and its work.

At the outset, the Committee decided that it needed to do more than provide advice on how specific CASE projects might gain wider attention. We felt that more information was required on how CASE's existing work and publications are viewed. A questionnaire-now nearing final form-will be sent to all of the more than 1,900 recipients of CASE Reports asking them for their assessments of the publication, and more generally, of CASE's activities and role in the affairs of our state. The Roper Center at the University of Connecticut, that I direct, is providing without charge technical assistance in completing this survey.

The Committee also concluded that the Academy should be more active in alerting the state's residents to the critical role science and technology play in modern economies generally, and Connecticut's in particular. To remain a leader economically, Connecticut must make sure it encourages developments in many areas, ranging from science education to the encouragement of businesses based on leading-edge technologies. The Committee is recommending a campaign to help "wake Connecticut up" to the challenges it faces in this area, beginning with the release of the public statement which appears on page 1 of this issue.

I would like to express my appreciation-and I'm sure that of the Academy at large-to the public relations experts from a number of leading businesses with headquarters in our state, Patrons of the Academy, who are providing the professional guidance the Committee needs.- Everett C. Ladd, Chairman, CASE Public Relations Committee

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