[From CASE Reports, Vol. 11, No. 1, 1996]

With the Help of Some 'Yankee Ingenuity'

The Yankee Ingenuity Initiative is a state-sponsored funding program designed to promote technological innovation through partnerships between business and higher education as well as research and instruction at colleges and universities. Established by the state Department of Higher Education in 1985, the program has been administered since 1991 by Connecticut Innovations, Inc. (CII), the state's quasi-public technology development corporation. To date, it has supported 312 research and instructional projects in high technology. Over $68 million from corporate and federal sources has been contributed as a result of the original $32.9 million in state funding.

The Initiative supports pioneering research in the areas of aerospace, bio-technology, computer applications, energy and environmental systems, advanced materials, medical product/instrumentation, telecommunications, advanced marine applications, and applied optics and microelectronics. This assistance, currently provided in the form of Charles Goodyear Cooperative Research and Development Grants, allows scientists from business and academe to combine their research capabilities to invent new products and processes. The research funded by these grants has led to new patents, new jobs, and an enhanced international reputation for the state's business and academic institutions.

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