[From CASE Reports, Vol. 11, No. 1, 1996]


An Important New Academy Initiative

As many readers are aware, there has been an ongoing dialogue over the past year or more within the technical community-as well as elsewhere-suggesting that Connecticut's economic recovery can be best achieved through the exploitation of high technology. The argument is familiar: principally, that we are a high-cost but high-skilled state and must capitalize on the latter.

The Academy believes that it is the responsibility of the technical community now to urge our leaders and our citizens to recognize the importance of mounting a significant and concerted effort to realize the potential of our capabilities in high technology.

In support of that position, the Academy has chosen one of the promising high technologies-biotechnology-and has formed a task force of concerned citizens to address the urgent issue of how to promote a significant biotechnology enterprise in the state. These citizens include representatives of university biotechnology research, pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms, venture capital firms and government, as well as interested members of the Academy.

The task force has met twice so far, and plans to continue meeting through the winter and spring, culminating with the presentation of public recommendations at the Academy's Annual Meeting in June.

Stay tuned.-D. M. Wetstone, Secretary

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