[From CASE Reports, Vol. 11, No. 1, 1996]

CTechnology Careers 2000

May 21, 1996

9:30 am to 4:00 pm

Hartford Civic Center


CTechnology Careers 2000 is a one-day forum designed to highlight awareness of growing opportunities in technology careers, increase business involvement in developing educational programs, and highlight manufacturing technology. A collaborative effort by public and private entities in the state, it is designed to bring together industry representatives and students. Businesses who participate will have the opportunity to showcase their own technologies as well as to observe the achievements of other firms. Participants also will have access to qualified job candidates and detailed labor market information as well as advice and assistance from representatives of both the public and private sectors. Workshops and seminars will be held throughout the day. For further information, please contact Stephen Dombrowski or John Tirinzonie at the Connecticut Department of Labor, (860) 566-2121.

CTechnology Careers 2000 was created by the state Departments of Labor, Economic and Community Development, Education, and Higher Education. Other participants include CASE, the Sate Library, Connecticut Innovations, Inc. (CII), the CT Conference of Independent Colleges, The Community and Technical College System, CCSU, CONN/STEP, CBIA, the Connecticut Technology Council, and Connecticut Light and Power.

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